Share Payment Options

We offer a few different CSA payment options for our Summer Season CSA:

  • Pay by check (This is the most economical option.)
    • Pay in full with one check
    • Pay with two checks: Each check to be written for half of the total due: one dated now and one dated 7/1/2019.
  • Pay in full with a credit or debit card (There is a 3% fee associated with this option.)  This option goes through PayPal whether you have a PayPal account or not.

These are the options you’ll see at the checkout page. They are the best for the farm, but please don’t let them limit you from joining the CSA if they are not the best for you.

It is very important to us that fresh and nutritious produce be available and affordable to everyone. We believe that farmers should receive a fair price for their produce, but for some, that cost in a single payment or even two payments is just too much.  So, we also offer payment options on an individual basis.  Perhaps a 3 or 4-payment option would work better for you.  Please contact the farm to inquire about an individualized payment program.

We also offer limited-income households the option to pursue money from the Food-for-Others share.

Food-for-Others Share Assistance (FFO)

The Food-for-Others Share is GEF’s cost sharing program that provides financial assistance to limited income households for purchasing CSA produce shares.  For eligible households, we will contribute up to 60% (not to exceed $300) toward your share payment. Funding amounts are based on the total funding available and an income-based fee scale.

To receive assistance you must be at or below 185% FPL (Federal Poverty Level). Here is a chart to help you determine if you are at or below 185% FPL.

The participants take on the responsibilities of being a CSA member of the farm and work with us to create an affordable payment plan for the remaining cost of their share.

The Food-for-Other Share is funded by donations from other Good Earth Farm CSA members to offer this cost sharing opportunity.

Funding and availability of CSA shares through the Food-for-Others Share is limited.  Therefore, we encourage all interested households to contact us to check availability and request a FFO Share Application. Requests for assistance are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application deadline April 15th.  However, we recommend getting FFO Share applications in early before the CSA fills up or funds are exhausted.

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