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Which produce share is right for me? The Small, Medium, Large or Every-Other-Week (EOW) Options.

First, an explanation of terms used in this answer:

  • What do we mean by a “diverse diet”?
    • A diverse diet would mean regular inclusions of meat (fish, fowl, beef, etc.)
  • What do we mean by a ” mostly plant-based diet”?
    • A mostly plant-based diet would not include meat regularly, but only on occasion.

Hopefully the following will help you when you’re deciding which share to choose.  Please keep in mind that people do differ widely on the amount of produce they eat and we offer merely suggestions.

The Medium Produce Share is estimated to be delivered weekly and packaged with the aim of providing most of the produce needs of one household of two adults and two young children who eat a diverse diet or 1 – 2 people eating a mostly plant-based diet.

  • Also, the Medium Produce Share might be right for you if:
    • You eat most of your meals at home and pack your own lunch.
    • You enjoy preparing food;  not only cooking, but freezing and storing for later use, too.

The Small Produce Share is estimated to be delivered weekly like the Medium share but its contents are about 65-70% of the Medium Share. This share is expected to meet most of the produce needs of 1 – 2 people eating a diverse diet, or vegetable-light households

  • Also, the Small Produce Share might be right for you if:
    • You want your produce on a weekly basis, but want less than the Medium offers.
    • You eat out often and your lunches tend to be take-out or prepared.
    • You are new to cooking and preparing your own foods.

The Large Produce Share is estimated to be delivered weekly, but its contents are approximately 150-170% of the Medium Share. This share is expected to meet most of the produce needs of large families eating a diverse diet, or smaller families want to process or freeze some of their food.

  • Also, the Large Produce Share might be right for you if:
    • You have a large family.
    • You eat a lot of vegetables.
    • You want to can or freeze some of the food in your box.
    • You rarely eat out.
    • Home cooking is a regular part of your routine.

The Every-Other-Week (EOW) Produce Shares are estimated to be delivered every other week and expected to meet the needs of 1 – 2 people eating a diverse diet or vegetable light households.  We offer two options for EOW: Small and Medium.

  • Also, the EOW Produce Share might be right for you if:
    • You eat out often and your lunches tend to be take-out or prepared.
    • You are new to cooking and preparing your own foods.


  • Which types of vegetables do you grow?

    We grow a wide variety of produce!  For a general list of the produce we grow and when you can expect to see it in the box, visit our Produce Page.

  • How much produce comes in a weekly Medium share?

    While we plan for certain quantities, actual amounts will vary based on the weather and the season. Each season is different; certain crops may be abundant one year and less in another.

    On our Example CSA Shares page you’ll find “sample boxes” of how much produce we’ve given in past years and approximately when it was given.


    I have a large vegetarian family.  Will the Medium Produce Share be enough?

    It’s likely that the Medium Produce Share will not be enough for your family.

    However, if this is your first season with the farm, you may want to start with the Medium Share to gauge your family’s needs. Then you’ll know if your family needs additional produce, such as the Large Share, for the next year.


    I don’t eat tomatoes and radishes.  What do you suggest I do?

    Most folks have a veggie or two that isn’t a favorite.  We suggest giving them another try prepared in a different way before you write them off completely.

    If you know that you just won’t eat something that’s going to arrive in a box, you can leave it in the “Sharing Box”.  Each site has a box for placing items that you don’t want; you may even find something in the “Sharing Box” that you want to take out.

    If there are several vegetables that you know you just won’t eat, it could be that CSA is not for you.  A farmers market may be better suited for your likes and dislikes.


    What type of payment options do you offer?

    Basically, we offer a single-pay check option, 2-pay check option, as well as credit and debit card options.

    See our CSA Payment Options page for details and more payment options.

    We also offer limited-income households the option to receive assistance from the Food-for-Others share.


    What is the Food-for-Others Share?

    It is very important to us that fresh and nutritious produce be available and affordable to everyone.

    The Food-for-Others Share makes joining a CSA farm more affordable.  We believe that farmers should receive a fair price for their produce, but for some folks, that cost in a single CSA payment or even two payments is just too much.

    The Food-for-Others Share is GEF’s cost sharing program that provides financial assistance to limited income households for purchasing CSA produce shares. For eligible households, we will contribute up to $300 toward Good Earth Farm shares.

    The participants take on the responsibilities of being a CSA member of the farm and work with us to create an affordable payment plan for the remaining cost of their share.

    The Food-for-Other Share is funded by donations from other Good Earth Farm CSA members to offer this cost sharing opportunity.

    Funding and availability of CSA shares through the Food-for-Others Share is limited.  Therefore, we encourage all interested households to contact us to check availability and request a Food Share Application.  Requests for assistance are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Application deadline is May 1st.  We recommend getting FFO Share applications in early before the CSA fills up or funds are exhausted.


    Do you offer beef, pork, or poultry?

    We do not.  But as supporters of local farms and foods we’d like you to easily find sources close to home for all of your eating needs.  Localharvest.org is a good source to check out.


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