What’s in the cost of a GEF share?

Vegetables, of course, but there’s SO much more.  Here are a few of the more important points:

  • Organic seeds: As a certified organic farm we are required to source as many organic seeds as possible. Organic seeds cost more than conventionally produced seeds.  So, if a farm says they “grow organically” but are not certified organic, ask them if they buy organic seeds.  If so, how many, or what percentage of their seeds are organic?  10%, 20%, 50%, more?  In 2014, over 75% of the seed varieties we planted on Good Earth Farm were organic.  Why not 100%?  Not all varieties or crops are yet available as organic. In addition, we are accountable to our certifier for every seed we purchase that is not organic; we must supply adequate reasons why we couldn’t find or didn’t purchase organic seed. For most certifiers (including ours), cost is not an acceptable reason.
  • Environmental responsibility: We take conscious steps to care about the health of our environment. This means maintaining natural areas for a healthy ecosystem, planting habitat strips, efficient and thoughtful water use, encouraging diverse populations of beneficial insects, and more.
  • Fair wages for Farm Workers:  We pay our employees a fair wage that includes additional benefits. This year we’re paying our employees $9.00 to $14.00 (these are their base wages). Workers are also provided lunch and receive farm produce weekly. A few employees with more responsibilities also receive additional benefits such as vacation time or additional produce.  We appreciate the people who work here and want them to be happy!

If you’re comparing CSA farms and cost is the deciding factor, please consider that each farm is different; Each has their own set of values. Do these values match yours?  Ask questions! 

Do your research and find the right farm for you!


“Honesty. Integrity. Real Food. It’s what you expect from your farmers.” Nicole Schauer, Good Earth Farmer

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